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What Are The Engineering Types?


Have you always dreamt about becoming an engineer? Pursuing a career in engineering will give you an opportunity to make a difference by solving problems that will benefit society and the world

There are numerous types of engineering fields that you can explore but essentially engineers are involved in all facets of technology, including transportation, medicine, electronics, energy, new materials and anything you can imagine.

Engineers have the opportunity to address real world problems and fix what is broken, and potentially help move the world towards a brighter future.

Engineering is an exciting profession that requires a lot of creativity and independent thinking.

The first step in starting a career as an engineer is to determine which type of engineering is the best fit for you.

Finding the right engineering field for your needs and skills is the key to ensuring a happy and successful career as an engineer.

If you are interested in becoming an engineer, here are some types of engineering fields that are worth considering:

  1. Civil Engineering – Civil engineers solve infrastructure problems.
  2. Mechanical Engineering – Chemical engineers use their knowledge of sciences – such as chemistry, biology, physics and math
  3. Design Engineering – A design engineer works with computer-aided design (CAD) software to create plans for an organization’s products and manufacturing framework
  4. Electrical Engineering – Electrical engineers work in the design and implementation of electrical schematics
  5. Software Engineering – Software engineers work alone or on a team to develop software for a company
  6. Computer Engineering – Computer hardware engineers work with different computer systems and components such as circuit boards, processors, networks and routers to make sure they work together with the latest software.
  7. Network Engineering – Network engineering is a crucial field for the daily activities in our home and work lives.
  8. Quality Engineering – The quality engineer maintains quality standards at all steps in the production phase and ensures that any products received are meeting the standards expected from suppliers.

There are many fields of study in engineering that you can explore and pursue, as it is one of the most popular and potentially profitable courses to study in university.


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