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Top 10 Agricultural Businesses You Can Start in South Africa


The world’s agriculture industry is one of the most profitable and productive sectors. Due to the variety of forms and subsets that it can take, agriculture is widely practiced. The agriculture sector in South Africa is one of the most complex and diverse in the entire globe.

You can be passionate about agriculture but unsure about what field or type of farm business to start. The top 10 agricultural enterprises that you can launch in South Africa are listed below.

Agricultural Business in South Africa

Agricultural Business Ideas in South Africa

1. Vegetable Cultivation

One of the most popular agricultural activities practised by farmers is vegetable farming. It has a pretty high level of profitability and is relatively simple to practice. Vegetable farming only majorly requires a suitable land which is quite easy to get in South Africa.

2. Fish Farming

Fish farming is another field in agriculture that is highly lucrative. Fish is always in high demand because it is consumed in almost every home.

For this reason, fish farming has been growing over the years. This is another agricultural business you can start in South Africa as consumption of fish is around 6-8kg per person annually.

3. Rabbit farming

Another lucrative agriculture business you can start in South Africa is rabbit farming. Rabbit farming in South Africa is on the increase as various people seem to venture into the business. Rabbit farming provides various products like meat, fur, amongst others.

4. Horticulture

Horticulture business is another great business to start in South Africa. Flowers are in high demand during special moments, celebrations, or even conventional home decorations.

5. Poultry Business

You can also consider starting a poultry business as its products are in very high demand in South Africa. With the introduction of sophisticated technology, poultry farming is now made easier and even more productive. Just so you know, the demand for chicken meat in South Africa is around 2 million tonnes per year.

6. Beekeeping

This is one very adventurous business to start. Beekeeping is also regarded as one of the most lucrative agriculture businesses to start. The demand for honey in South Africa is constantly on the increase, and this makes beekeeping business a goldmine.

7. Fruit Farming

Fresh fruits are hugely consumed by everyone across South Africa. This makes fruit farming one of the top 10 agriculture businesses to start in South Africa. More than 50% of the country’s exports are fruit, and this contributes to about 2.5% of the GDP.

8. Snail Farming

This is considered to be one of the best and profitable agriculture businesses in South Africa. Snail is in very high demand in the country and this is owing to the nutritional value it has.

Recently, there is a shift away from the consumption of red meat among consumers and this increases the profitability of snail farming.

9. Dairy Farming

Starting up a dairy farm in South Africa is another bright idea. Dairy farming is also a very popular and easy field in agriculture. It is very lucrative because of the high demand for dairy products in the country.

10. Agricultural Consulting

Whatever AGRICULTURAL field anyone plans to venture into, they are always going to need expert advice. Why not offer the expert advice? You could start an agricultural consultancy business were to give people insights on whatever agricultural business they are planning to start.

You have gotten the list of top 10 agricultural businesses to start in South Africa. You have been educated on what could be a wise choice for you. assess the list and work towards whichever appeals to you. make use of the comments section for your thoughts and comments.


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