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Here Are Sassa’s Opinions On The Future Of Gold Cards.

Sassa Gold Card

Beneficiaries of Sassa grants have expressed anxiety on social media about renewing their Sassa cards. In response to claims made in social media posts, the government agency has finally spoken up.

In order to clear up any confusion regarding the renewal of the Sassa Gold cards, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has issued a statement. The Sassa Gold cards continue to be accepted and valid on the domestic payment system, claims Sassa.

Beneficiaries may continue to collect their grants from their usual paypoints using their cards. These are the paypoints that beneficiaries may use:

  • ATMs
  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • USave
  • Boxer
  • Pick n Pay
  • OK

False statements have been made on social media that “grant recipients will not receive their grant payments in December if they do not update their cards.” Sassa’s official social media channels will be used to announce any changes to the available payment methods.

Beneficiaries may also rely on media reports and updates provided by Sassa authorities. Grant recipients should not believe information posted on personal social media profiles or voicemails from unauthorized individuals.

Sassa advises people to avoid sharing these fictitious social media messages through their accounts because doing so spreads fear among the populace. Individuals can verify the official Sassa social media outlets if they are unsure whether the information is accurate.

The Sassa Gold card provides beneficiaries with free transactions at ATMs and retail stores. The card also provides no bank charges for the first three transactions and protection from illegal deductions.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to report suspected fraudulent behaviour to the Sassa hotline. Here is the Sassa fraud hotline number: 0800601011.

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