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Guide on How to Buy American Stocks in South Africa


I’ll explain how to purchase American stocks on Easy Equities in this article. Since South African businesses don’t do as well as American businesses, it is advisable for South African nationals to learn how to purchase stocks in American businesses like Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and a host of others.


If you don’t have an easy equities account, you’d be required to  sign up and it literally takes you about a minute or two to sign up to easy equities.

Once you have successfully signed up, so you’re going to go to my funds which is at the bottom of easy equities. You will be able to select from three different investment accounts which are

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  • EasyEquities ZAR
  • EasyEquities USD
  • EasyProperties ZAR

So you’re going to click on EasyEquities USD and the next page you’d see is Deposits Funds. There are three ways of depositing funds to your EasyEquities USD which are

  • EasyFX
  • Funding from a bank account held outside of the USA
  • Funding from a bank account held within the USA

In this post, we’d be making use of the first method which is funding your USD account with EasyFX. To do that, click on transfer which is at the top of the mobile app. To transfer money, you are obviously going to have to fund your account with EasyEquities ZAR.

When you click on transfer, you’d select the account to transfer from which is the EasyEquities ZAR then you’d be transferring to the EasyEquities USD. There’s gonna be a a small fee of $4 to transfer your money from an South African based account to your dollar account. Once you have done this, you can transfer money to your dollar-based account. This Transfer takes about a day or two to show up in your dollar account so you have to be patient.

Once the money is in your account, it will be displayed by your EasyEquities USD which is obviously now in dollars and not displayed in ZAR anymore so you’re now ready to invest in companies. You’re going to go to the invest tab and you’d be asked to select your investment account which would be the EasyEquities USD. It will then display the American companies and you can then select whichever company you want to invest in.

So that’s how you can easily invest in any American company from the comfort of your home in South Africa.


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