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Africa Elite Scholarship Programme in Taiwan 2022


About Taiwan Ministry of Education

The Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) was founded in 1912 but was formed in 1905 during the reign of the Qing Dynasty and was re-established in March 1950. The work of the ministry is to formulate and implement policies in the educational sector and keep a check on the working of public schools. Their mission Is to cultivate excellence among the students in order to create better human resources. They work to provide quality education and promote creative education as well for the development of the nation.

TAIWAN: Africa Elite Scholarship Programme

The Taiwan Ministry of Education is providing an opportunity for lecturers to get funding for their Masters and PhD level studies. The purpose of the scholarship is to expand the scope of academic Interaction and prepare extraordinary minds for the future.

The scholarship offers a monthly allowance of NT$ 25,000 for covering the following expenses:

  • Cost of tuition.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Cost of internet connection.
  • Accommodation in a dorm.

Note: Anything not mentioned above will not be covered by the scholarship. Selected students would need to make arrangements for other expenses for living in Taiwan.

Eligibility Criteria

The mentioned eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by the interested applicants to be eligible for the Africa Elite Scholarship Programme.

  • The candidate must be working as a lecturer in a private or public university.
  • The said university must be located within Africa.

The candidates fulfilling any of the below-mentioned criteria are not eligible to apply:

  • Candidate belonging to Taiwan or a Taiwanese student studying overseas.
  • A candidate who is a student at any tertiary college or any university within Taiwan. A candidate who had studied in Taiwan under an exchange programme or double major. The limitations do not apply to students who will be graduating that year, they are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • A candidate who has studied in Taiwan for the same level of degree in the past as the one they plan on pursuing.
  • The holder of an Africa Elite Scholarship programme for more than three years.
  • The receiver of any other educational subsidy or scholarship from any Taiwanese institution.

How to apply For Africa Elite Scholarship Programme

The interested candidates can apply directly to their university of choice through the official university websites given below. The forms will be available online.

The following universities will be participating and the number of scholarships available in each university

The above-mentioned participating universities offer programmes taught in English.

Applicants can check more information about the scholarship programme here.

Documents Required

The required documents must be submitted according to the guidelines given by the university of the candidate’s choice.

There should not be any false or missing documents to avoid rejection of the application.

Closing Date

The last date of submission of the application is 31 May 2022. The candidates must complete the application before the deadline or the application will not be considered.



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